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There was a town cemetery atUr in which the graves of royaltyand commoners have been found,but a few individuals were foundburied under the floors of ordinaryhouses. Movement of Goods into Cities and communication 1.

This is verbal communication. The earliest cities in Mesopotamia date back to the bronze age, c. The first Mesopotamian tablets, written around BCE, contained picture-like signs and numbers. Perhaps the greatest legacy of Mesopotamia to the world is its scholarlytradition of time reckoning and mathematics.

In this regard CBSE has issued the following important circular for the benefit of students and parents. Much of what we discuss subsequently in the chapter is based on these later studies. The division of labour is a mark of urban life. That is why this civilization is otherwise called as Sumerian Civilisation 3.

Obviously, in such a system some people give commands that others obey, and urban economies often require the keeping of written records. In the north-east lie green, undulating plains, gradually rising to tree-covered mountain ranges writing and city life class 11 clear streams and wild flowers, with enough rainfall to grow crops.

Not only agriculture, Mesopotamian sheep and goats that grazed on the steppe, the north-eastern plains and the mountain slopes that is, on tracts too high for the rivers to flood and fertilise produced meat, milk and wool in abundance.

No Indian site has ever seen such long-term projects. Further, there must be a social organisation in place. Mesopotamia was important to Europeans because of references to it in the Old Testament, the first part of the Bible.

Of all ancient systems, that of the Roman Empire Theme 3 included, it was the agriculture of southern Mesopotamia that was the most productive, even though the region did not have sufficient rainfall to grow crops.

Urban economies comprise besides food production, trade, manufactures and services. Answer in Short Essay 5. Answer The new institutions that came into being with the beginning of city life include trade, temple, sea making, sculpture, and the art of writing.

Boats carrying grindingstones, wood, and wine and oil jars, would stop at Mari on their wayto the southern cities. Thus, organised trade and storage is needed There are deliveries of grain and other food items from the village to the city, and food supplies need to be stored and distributed.

Shepherds wouldbring their flocks into the sown area in the summer. The division of labour is a mark of urban life. Sources to understand mesopotomian civilization 1. All these institutions depend on the initiative of the king.

Once dried in the sun, theclay tablet would harden and tablets would be almost as indestructible aspottery. Temples became larger over time, withseveral rooms around open courtyards.

Besides, many different activities have to be coordinated: A front door that did not opentowards another house was lucky. By BCE,the letters became cuneiform, and the languagewas Sumerian.

Writing was used not only for keeping records, but also for making dictionaries, giving legal validity to land transfers, narrating the deeds of kings, and announcing the changes a king had made in the customary laws of the land. Thesewere about 5, lists of oxen, fish, breadloaves, etc. When they flood or when their water is let out on to the fields, fertile silt is deposited After the Euphrates has entered the desert, its water flows out into small channels.

They were small shrines made of unbaked bricks except that had outer walls going in and out at regular intervals unlike ordinary building.

CBSE has also released the marking schemes for all the papers to help students to These are the Writing and city life class 11 Notes History prepared by team of expert teachers. It can be inferred that in Mesopotamian understanding it was kingship that organised trade and writing.

It is still spoken in parts of Iraq. Mesopotamia and its Geography Iraq is a land of diverse environments. It is when an economy develops in spheres other than food production that it becomes an advantage for people to cluster in towns.

Thousands of respondents along with teachers submitted their responses on the MHRD website on their opinion about the syllabus for various classes and what all topics to Very few Mesopotamians could read and write. There is social organisation in place Helpful for the city manufacturers.

With rulers commanding people to fetch stones or metalores, to come and make bricks or lay the bricks for atemple, or else to go to a distant country to fetch suitable materials.Life in the City of Ur 1.

This. grain grinding. those chiefs who had been successful in war could oblige their followers by distributing the loot. villages were periodically relocated in Mesopotamian history because of flood in the river and change in the course of the river.5/5(3).

From the Beginning of Time Writing and City Life early societies. 2 THEMES IN WORLD HISTORY I N this section, we will read about two themes relating to early societies. The first is about the beginnings of human existence, from the. Dec 13,  · Revision Notes - Writing and City Life, Class 11, History.

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Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should read these basic concepts and practice the assignments to gain perfection which will help them to get more marks in CBSE examination. CBSE Assignments of History, CBSE Class XI History - Writing and city life Concepts and Assignment.

CBSE important concepts and questions for chapter - Writing and City Life in CBSE Class XI History. Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should read these basic concepts and practice the assignments to gain perfection which will.

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